D1T - Its My Life (Official Music Video)

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Directed by: Dr. Bling Bling
Produced by: D1T
Creative Direction: D1T and Dr. Bling Bling
Mixed by : Karl Roque

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Official “Its My Life Remix” Lyrics:

The world----
Is made of you me--
So why-------
Is so hard for people to see---

It’s my life I live
You live your own life
Please parten me----
I don’t need your advice
I am living me-----
Vicariously, I am
Please understand----
I will lead myself to a beginning and a end
So please heed my words again
I don’t need you, to be my friend
I will roll it on, again again

It’s My Life
I Don’t want to tell you again
It’s My Life
Please heed my words my friend
It’s My Life
From beginning to end

Last time I checked
I’m a grown man---
Why do you talk to me?
Like I’m a kid--
People don’t know you
When you are poor---
Get a little money and they’re knocking on door
People are funny
Please heed my words again
I don’t need people like you to be my friend
Who need enemies---
With friends like you
All the things I go through

Haters fade away-----
Fade away----
Haters fade away-----
Fade away----
Haters fade away-----
Fade away----

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Record Label: D1T Records®

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